Why Is Metform Not Sending Emails [SOLVED]

Are you trying to fix the “Metform not sending emails” issue?

We can fix email issues. 

Install WordPress Mail Logging Plugin

Easily identify the bugs from the email function issue with the WordPress Mail Logging plugin.

Navigate to wp-admin > Plugins > Add new > search “PostBox Mail Log“.

The Notification Feature is Not Working

We can submit data from the front end with a success message.  But are not getting notification emails.

Configure Metform email settings:-

Go to wp-admin > MetForm > edit > notification 

Then enable “Notification mail to admin” and edit “subject, e

Note: email from field domain name should be same as website domain name. 

For example, Our domain name is wpdebuglog.com. Then we want to use wpdebuglog.com associated email like inof@wpdebuglog.com


Something Went Wrong Error Message

Getting the error message “Something went wrong” when you press on submit button. 

We can easily fix this problem by following the methods.

Install an SMTP plugin like SMTP7. Then enter SMTP credentials on the SMTP settings page. 

You can use an SMTP testing server like MailMug.net to test mail functions. 

Watch the YouTube video about MailMug

Where can I get SMTP credentials for the production server?

We can copy SMTP credentials from cPanel, Gmail, or other third-party email providers. More details…

Metform Notification Email

Metform notification email
Sample Metform notification email

We can add shortcodes in the email body.

[mf_id] Entry ID

[mf-first-name] – first name

Copy the input name and paste it between square brackets.

How to Send Confirmation Email to User?

Go to wp-admin > MetForm > edit > confirmation 

Then enable “Confirmation mail to user” and edit “mail to, from, and subject.

Metform confirmation email to user