Why Is Contact Form 7 Not Sending Emails?

Contact Form 7 Not Sending Emails (Stopped Working)

Contact Form 7 not sending emails is a common problem. Some of the shared host providers will block the PHP mail (wp_mail) function. The CF7 is using wp_mail() function to send emails. We can see contact form 7 there was an error trying to send your message. please try again later. It is commonly a WordPress email function error.

contact form 7 there was an error trying to send your message. please try again later

We can fix these bugs with the WordPress SMTP mailer plugin. You can use the mail function in the localhost server also. This plugin will connect to the SMTP server. It will work contact form 7 localhost send email function also.

Setup WordPress Contact Form 7 SMTP

You can find SMTP7 plugin from WP-Admin > plugins > search “SMTP7”

Download the WP SMTP mailer plugin and install it in your WordPress > wp-admin > plugins > add new > upload the zip file.

Install the WP SMTP mailer plugin. Then go to Go to Settings > Mail Smtp Mailer. Then add SMTP credentials.

It will solve the contact form 7 email not sending issue.

Please note, from email should not add a different domain name.

Example: Your website address is example.com then your “from email” should [email protected]

But you can add any Gmail or Yahoo email as “from the address”.

Where Can I get an SMTP?

Method 1 – By Cpanel or Plesk:-

Go to your hosting control panel like CPanel or Plesk.

Then go to email accounts and create or select an email account. Now you can find SMTP credentials.

Method 2 – By Gmail

First, we need to enable two-step verification. Then we can create an app password.

Go to Google my account > security > App passwords > create a new password.

Add credentials as follows

Host: smtp.gmail.com

Username: [email protected]

Password: {app password}



Change the From Email in Contact Form 7

We can verify the contact form 7 email configuration. Go to wp-admin > Contact > contact forms. Now, we can see the complete forms list.

Hover the mouse over having troubled form. Then you can see the Edit option.

It will navigate to the “Edit Contact Form” page after clicking the Edit option. We need to open the “Mail” tab. Press on the mail tab.

contact form 7 mail tab

Change the “email from” field on the Mail screen. Add from email address to new email address created from cPanel.

Then scroll down and press the “Save” button.

Capture All Outgoing Emails For Contact Form 7

Install the “Postbox email log” plugin. Then you can save complete email logs from your WordPress.

Feel free to PM https://wpdebuglog.com/contact/