Email SMTP Sandbox Account

Do you want to test emails from your web apps by SMTP sandbox account?

First, create an account from an email SMTP provider. is providing free SMTP accounts. It i free. No credit card verification. It captures SMTP traffic from web apps. We can easily validate HTML/CSS from the MailMug dashboard. It is providing a fake SMTP server to test mail functionality.

SMTP Sandbox

How to Get SMTP Sandbox Credentials?

Step 1: Go to > Sign up. You will get an account within a few clicks.

Step 2: Log in to the dashboard. Then go to Inboxes. Now, you can see two SMTP accounts.

Step 3: Click on an inbox (row) then go to Inbox. Then go to Settings (Top right). Finally, click on the “Show Credentials” link.

SMTP Sandbox credentials

How to Configure SMTP with Web Apps?

You can select the web app from the settings page. It supports any programming language like PHP, python, node js, rust, etc.. You can configure it with any web framework like Laravel, Yii, Symfony, flask, Django, express, etc.