Customize GiveWP Email Template

Do you want to customize the GiveWP email template?

You can customize the email template for admin notifications and donor emails like donation receipts.

GiveWP Email Template
GiveWP Email Template

Integrate SMTP Sandbox Account

First, create a free SMTP sandbox account like Because we can easily check emails with this tool. Just create an account. Then add sandbox SMTP credentials to SMTP plugins like SMTP7.

Add GiveWP Email Template To Theme

Download the email template and paste the “give” folder to the wp-content/themes/[selected theme]/ folder.

GitHub URL:

Then, customize header-default.php file or footer-default.php file. You can change the background color, font color, or font size by inline CSS.

After that, make a test donation from your website frontend. Now, you can see the email from the sandbox SMTP server.

Yes, it is finished.

How to Fix GiveWP Is Not Sending Donor Receipt Email

Step 1: Enable donor receipt email from the wp-admin dashboard.

GiveWP Is Not Sending Donor Receipt Emails
GiveWP Donor Receipt Emails

Therefore, Go to wp-admin > Donations (giveWP) > Emails > Donor Emails. After that, double-click on the donor receipt row (Enable: Green tick).

Step 2: Check From Email Address

WordPress website sends emails using a “From” email address associated with your domain name. This can help improve the credibility and deliverability of your outgoing emails.

For example, our domain name is, which means we can utilize as our “From” email address. Please make sure to only use your domain name and avoid any other alternatives.

Go to wp-admin > Donations (giveWP) > Emails > Email Settings.

Then, check the “from email” address.

GiveWP From Email

Step 3: Configure SMTP (Fix GiveWP Is Not Sending Emails Issue)

In the production server, disable sandbox SMTP plugins like mailmug. Then install an SMTP plugin like SMTP7. Then add SMTP credentials to the SMTP7 plugin.

Where can I get SMTP credentials from the production server?

You can create an email from your domain name from your c-Panel or Plesk or Host admin panel. Then, you will get SMTP credentials. Or you can use free emails like Gmail or Yahoo. Read more…