Customize The Forminator Email HTM Templates

Discover the power of customizing Forminator email templates using the filters forminator_custom_form_mail_admin_message and forminator_email_message.

Forminator HTML Template

The first step is to set up a free SMTP sandbox account such as This will allow us to test our email functionality without sending real emails to users during the development process.

Forminator email template HTML code
Forminator Email Template HTML Code

Next, install the WordPress SMTP7 plugin and add sandbox SMTP MailMug credentials. Then we can easily test email HTML code.

For the final step, install the “email-template-forminator” plugin from Github. After installation, customize the “template.php” file. This step empowers you to craft visually appealing and personalized emails for a seamless user experience. Feel free to contact us for the Forminator email template modifications.

Database Plugin

Develop a feature to store Forminator form submissions in a MySQL database. Each field from the form will be stored in its own dedicated column within the database table. For further details on the implementation. Read More…