Contact Form 7 Placeholder in Input Fields

The contact form 7 placeholder attribute is giving a hint for the input field. We can add a placeholder in the input field shortcode

contact form 7 placeholder

[text* your-name placeholder "Enter Name"]

We can add a placeholder option for text, email, url, tel, textarea, number, range, date, and captcha.

As a result, the placeholder tag option generates an HTML placeholder attribute.

Generated Input field HTML

Now, We can see the placeholder attribute is “Enter Name”. Streamline email testing with our reliable sandbox account.
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Contact Form 7 Addons

How to Add a Placeholder for contact form 7 for Dropdown or Select?

We can set the first option as a placeholder. The option is first_as_label. It will consider the first value as a null-valued label.

Example :

contact form 7 select placeholder


Here, the select country is placeholder text.

How to Change CF 7 Placeholder Text Color?

We can change the placeholder color by adding CSS. Add the following code in our selected theme style.css file. Then remove the browser cache and navigate the form URL.

CSS Code:


Contact Form 7 Placeholder Text Color

How to Hide Placeholder Text Upon CF7 Input Focus?

We want add css for input focus. Add following css in selected theme style.css last part. Theme style.css located in wp-content > themes > select theme > style.css file. Then remove browser cache or test from differrent browser.

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