Contact Form 7 and MongoDB Integration [Plugin]


Save contact form 7 entries to MongoDB database.  Enable PHP MongoDB extension and just install the CF7 MongoDB plugin. Then add database credentials.

Finished 🙂 Everything automatic.


Step 1: Enable PHP MongoDB extension

Install the extension from cPanel.

Go to cPanel > Select PHP version > Extensions and enable MongoDB.

php extensions cpanel

Cpanel PHP Extensions

Mongodb php cpanel



Install PHP MongoDB extension on Linux:

Add the following code in the php.ini file and restart the server.


Step 2: Install Contact Form 7 MongoDB Plugin

Purchase cf7 mongo DB plugin then download the zip file. Then go to wp-admin > plugins > upload zip file and activate the plugin.


Step 3: Add MongoDB Credentials

Go to wp-admin > Monogo Config (sidebar) and add credentials and database name.

Contact form 7 mongodb

MongoDB URI – More Details

Now, it will collect data from the frontend cf7 form.


WordPress CF7 MongoDB Admin 

cf7 mogodb admin

MongoDB Compass 

cf7 mongodb compass


Unlimited installation license – Just $79


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