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    How to insert values in the external database table?

    Contact form 7 external database helper plugin. “Column Based MySQL Database” plugin will automatically create tables and columns during activation time or cf7 form editing time.


    1. This plugin ship with database switcher add-on. Add external database credentials to  Contact (cf7) > Switch Database.
    2. It will automatically create MySQL tables and columns.
    3. It is an easy plugin no need any coding.

    Example (CF7 forms)

    Contact Form 7 External Database (MySql – phpMyAdmin)

    contact form 7 external database


    Can I connect to an external MySQL server? 

    Ans: Sure, you can connect. Give hostname is the IP address of your server. (You need to enable remote host in your external database server)

    Can I connect to mssql server? 

    You can’t connect with this plugin. But you can connect with the CFDB7-MSSQL  plugin.


    Please start to contribute  

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