Contact Form 7 Database Encryption – [CFDB7 Encryption Plugin]

Contact form 7 database encryption plugin. Encrypt submissions and save them to the wp_db7_forms MySQL table.

This plugin is using sodium_crypto_aead_aes256gcm_encrypt function.

The encryption key is wp-config.php md5 of AUTH_KEY data. The nonce is constant.

The CFDB7 plugin will work similarly to the previous CFDB7 interface.

Other Plugins

  1. Contact form 7 mongo DB plugin
  2. Contact form 7 MSQL DB


Demo Table Row


How to Install the CFDB7 Encryption Plugin?

Purchase this plugin and go to wp-admin > plugins > add new then upload the purchased zip file.


How to Configure?

First, delete all previous data from wp-admin > contact forms then it will start automatically.

No need for any additional configuration.


Unlimited installation license $49