How to Add Contact Form 7 Additional Headers | Bcc, Cc

We can easily add contact form 7 additional headers like Bcc or Cc or Reply-To.

Go to wp-admin > contact form 7 (CF7) > select form > mail. Then add data to the additional headers input field.

contact form 7 additional headers - bcc - cc
  1. Contact form 7 Multiple Recipients

Contact Form 7 Multiple CC

Contact form 7 multiple Cc

We can add CF7 multiple cc by line by line as in the image.

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Why CF7 is Not Changing the Header?

We need to add a separate line (newline) for each header data. Please check, You added a single line or not. We need to add data in a separate line.

Contact Form 7 Reply-to is not working

Step 1: Add the required email input filed.

Example: [email* your-name]

We just need to add the star “*” after the email.

Step 2: Add a “reply to” to the additional headers section.

Example Reply-to: [your-email]

Change Bcc or Cc by Programmatically

Save form entries to the MySQL database

You can save submissions to external or internal MySQL databases by following plugins

  1. Database pro
  2. CFDB7 Database

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