How to Add Contact Form 7 Additional Headers | Bcc, Cc

We can easily add contact form 7 additional headers like Bcc or Cc or Reply-To.

Go to wp-admin > contact form 7 (CF7) > select form > mail. Then add data to the additional headers input field.

contact form 7 additional headers - bcc - cc
  1. Contact form 7 Multiple Recipients

Contact Form 7 Multiple CC

Contact form 7 multiple Cc

We can add CF7 multipe cc by line by line as in the image.

Why CF7 is Not Changing the Header?

We need to add a separate line (newline) for each header data. Please check, You added a single line or not. We need to add data in a separate line.

Contact Form 7 Reply-to is not working

Step 1: Add required email input filed.

Example: [email* your-name]

We just need to add star “*” after the email.

Step 2: Add a “reply to” to the additional headers section.

Example Reply-to: [your-email]

Change Bcc or Cc by Programmatically

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