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      Enable WordPress to debug log and error data write to debug.log file (wp debug log). Edit the wp-config.php file and add WP_DEBUG_LOG to true.

      The wp-config.php file located in the main (root) folder. The wp-content folder should writable.

      Correct wp-content folder permission is 755, But you can add 777 if not working (for testing).


      Add the following code to the wp-config.php file.

      Then navigate your website and go to wp-content by FTP or file manager or SSH.  You can see the debug.log file created,


      WordPress Debug Log (Wp Debug Log)


      WordPress Debug.log Not Created?

      Disable the cache plugin and check the wp-content folder writable or not. The wp-content folder should writable. Give 777 permission for testing. The debug.log file created after any error.

      So you can create the error for testing as follows.

      Add the following code at the top of the functions.php file.

      The above code will make a notice error. Navigate the website and check the wp-content/debug.log file created or not.


      How to change wp_debug_log location?

      Change boolean value true to debug.log path to the wp-config.php file. Add absolute path in WP_DEBUG_LOG.


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