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      How to Check Contact Form 7 Email Already Exists or Not?


      We need to install two plugins. Install contact form 7 database add-on and duplicate control add-on (contact form 7 prevent duplicate submissions)


      contact form 7 email already exists

      Contact form 7 prevent duplicate emails on the demo page. I added an email input field as a unique field.

      So we will get the error message like “email already exists” if we submit the same email again.

      Like that, this plugin is helping to limit submissions.


      Plugin URL:


      How to Contact Form 7 Prevent Duplicate Submissions

      Install cfdb7 unique field plugin. Then we need to add a shortcode “unique” after the submit button shortcode.

      It will prevent multiple submissions.

      Example: [unique email, your-phone]


      How to Change the Error Message Unique Field (CF7)?

      We can change contact form 7 email already exists error message from wp-admin.

      Go to wp-admin > contact form 7 > select form > messages > search “Field value that the sender entered is already submitted”. You can edit and save the contact form.


      More details about the plugin


      Download CFDB7 Unique Field Plugin 

      Feel free to PM

      It no needs any programming knowledge. You can add a simple shortcode “unique” without any complex coding skill.

      The “contact form 7 MySQL database addon” includes this plugin also.


      1. Can I install multiple websites?

      Ans – Sure, you can install multiple websites.

      2. Where can I install contact form 7 unique plugin?

      Ans – You can download from

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